Cashmere Valley Bank
Community Kitchen Application

Pybus Public Market operates a Community Kitchen available for use by the public, vendors for demonstration purposes, event planners, caterers and small food producers. The Cashmere Valley Bank Community Kitchen is a fully licensed commercial shared-use kitchen with dozens of feet of counter space, hand-wash sinks, triple sinks, broiler, refrigerator, freezer, gas ovens, proofer, gas grill, gas range, bread station, dish washer and pizza/sandwich prep tables. Users of the Cashmere Valley Bank Community Kitchen must furnish their own cooking utensils, pots, pans, towels, plates, bowls, glass ware and knives.

Prospective users of the kitchen should fill out the application below. If accepted, users must sign a rental Use Agreement, have proper permits and licenses from the Chelan-Douglas Health District (and any other regulatory agency) and make a $250 damage and clean-up deposit. The damage and clean-up deposit is refunded if the kitchen is left in a similar state as before occupancy. If Pybus Market must spend time doing clean-up, all or part of the damage deposit shall be forfeited.

Rates for kitchen use are $25/hour without gas and $32/hour if using gas operated equipment. There is no charge for cleanup time.

Pybus Market suggests you contact the Chelan-Douglas Health District before you complete the application below, so prospective users are aware of the various permitting requirements and fees associated therewith. Users of the Cashmere Valley Bank Community Kitchen must have proper permits from the Chelan-Douglas Health District.

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