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Pybus Public Market is pleased to offer a series of unique and fun classes for the general public. Classes are free, unless otherwise indicated below. Some classes have a limited number of attendees, so be sure to sign up early! The location of most classes will be in the Pybus Market Event Room. Each class will last 60 to 90 minutes and will be a one night event. Classes are taught by local volunteers with an interest and aptitude in the subject. The public is invited to register for as many classes as you like.

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Class Descriptions - Winter 2019

January 8, 2019

Natural Immune Building: Natural Ways to Thrive Through Cold and Flu Season

Dr. Allegra Hart

Cold and flu season is here. Learn how a doctor uses natural ways to boost your immune system and kick out colds and flu quicker! Get your immune building questions answered by a naturopathic physician!

Dr. Allegra Hart is a naturopathic physician, speaker, author of Nourishing Space Within: Essentials of Self-Care, founder of Naturae Naturopathic Clinic and Dr. Allegra’s Apothecary works with patients worldwide. Dr. Allegra’s mission is to elevate through education- stopping negative cycles of self-neglect, abuse and negativity. If we as individuals can do the work necessary to set a healing foundation on our own- the ripple effect will inevitably ignite others to do the same. Learn more at

Dr. Allegra Hart

January 15, 2019

Orcas & Salmon – The Link Between the Resident Orcas of Puget Sound & the Salmon and People of North Central Washington

Barbara Carrillo and Greer Maier

Orcas in Pacific Northwest waters have struggled over the last several decades with pollution, boat noise and a lack of prey – Chinook salmon. Although far from the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound, North Central Washington and the Upper Columbia play a highly critical role in the success of the endangered Orcas that live off Washington’s coast. In this presentation, we will explore why the Orca population has dwindled and how North Central Washington and the Upper Columbia region as well as the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board and their partners are part of the Orca solution. We will also look at the state’s Orca Task Force, convened by the governor in March, and discuss shoring up salmon populations in North Central Washington to provide more food for the Orcas. We will also address the link between forest health and salmon recovery and learn why “fish grow on trees!”

Presenter Barbara Carrillo received her Associates of Arts degree from Wenatchee Valley College and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with Grand Canyon University. Barbara is an experienced independent consultant in media relations, outreach, journalism, marketing and communications. Barbara has been with the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board for 11 years and enjoys community education and outreach, teaching others about salmon recovery and forest health.

Presenter Greer Maier has worked as a fish biologist for the past 10 years. She received a Master’s of Science from the University of Washington School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences studying juvenile Chinook salmon in the Columbia River estuary. Her professional experience includes working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Geological Survey, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, and U.S. Forest Service.

Learn more about the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board at

January 22, 2019

Are Your Affairs In Order? Advice on Creating or Updating Your Will and Leaving a Legacy

Colleen Frei and Beth Stipe


If you wish you may register and join the waiting list. You will be notified if there are cancellations.

Is your New Year’s resolution to update your will? If not, maybe it should be. Without a will, the disbursement of your property and the care of your dependents are determined by state law. Make sure that you are leaving your family and your assets in good hands and that the causes you care about continue to thrive well beyond your lifetime.

During this class, you will learn the basics of creating or updating a will from local attorney Colleen Frei. Beth Stipe, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of NCW will also introduce you to the “Give 10” campaign and encourage you to think about what kind of legacy you might leave for future generations.

Local attorneys who specialize in estate planning will be available for you to meet following the presentation.

Colleen M. Frei grew up in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. An associate at Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, P.S. since 2005, Colleen joined as a partner of the firm in 2010. Colleen is committed to serving her community, emphasizing the importance of social awareness, leadership, education, and engaging others to carry out their passion.

Beth Stipe moved to Wenatchee in 2003 to join the Community Foundation of NCW as the Executive Director. She has over 25 years of non-profit experience, serving on many volunteer boards and in foundation management positions. She has a Bachelor’s of English and a Master of Nonprofit Management degree. Beth loves the outdoors, biking, traveling, and doting on her two dogs, Bella and Clark.

Colleen Frei and Beth Stipe

January 29, 2019

Honey Bees… What’s the Buzz?

Pete Hill and Daryn Klinginsmith

90 minutes of open discussion covering these basics of honey bees in the Northwest:

  • How to become a beekeeper, what is necessary to be successful, and what to expect in your first couple of years.
  • Information about the local beekeeping community and how to share information and experiences.
  • What equipment and skills are necessary.
  • Fears about honey bees and the truth about how gentle they are.
  • How important these little pollinators are to the health of our planet.
  • How we can all help the honey bees, in our everyday lives.
  • Honey, pollinating and other benefits of the honey bee.

There will be items to illustrate beekeeping, including ‘tools of the trade’.  (No bees though, because they are taking their winter nap.

Honey Bees are fascinating creatures that work collectively for the sole purpose of keeping their colony healthy and thriving. We can learn a lot about communication, cooperation and community from these tiny little friends. Pete and Daryn have been novice beekeepers for several years and continue to learn from their bees as well as fellow beekeepers.

February 5, 2019

Tackling Tax Reform – Top 10 Things You Should Know!

Homchick Smith & Associates

Are you struggling to understand how the new tax law affects you? Does it seem like a foreign language that you’re rushing to learn? Is Googling your questions no longer working?

HSA has worked to simplify complex tax questions for almost a century. We’ve seen each round of tax reform, and we understand the resulting confusion, especially surrounding the new tax law. Please join us to discuss the top ten changes resulting from the new law and how they’ll affect you. At the end of the class, participants will get a chance for a Q&A with a handful of our Certified Public Accountants.

Homchick Smith & Associates is a Wenatchee-based, full-service accounting firm. Our team of CPAs and staff have hundreds of years of combined of tax and accounting experience in North Central Washington.

February 12, 2019

Learn to Knit

NCW Knitter’s Guild
This class will teach a basic cast-on and the knit stitch, the cornerstones of all knitting. Using these skills, attendees will be able to make a colorful coaster during the class. The instructors are members of the NCW Knitter’s Guild.

Knitting has a long history. For some, it is a part of their cultural heritage, and for many it is a practical and creative hobby. The NCW Knitter’s Guild members are a group that love to share their passion for knitting.  Maximum Attendees: 35

Children older than 10 years of age are welcome with an adult. Class is geared towards adult learners.


We have been challenged with significant numbers of registrants not showing up for classes. This means empty seats and friends stuck on waiting lists. To try to increase access and respect the presenters’ time and effort, we are experimenting with a new $10 fee for capped classes with a $5 Pybus coin given to registrie’s at the class. Your out-of-pocket cost is $5, including class materials. Thank you for your patience as we try to make classes available to folks who want to attend.

You will have the opportunity to join a waiting list. Please only register if you plan to attend. Flag your confirmation email from Eventbrite and cancel any time. A reminder email three days before the event will give you another chance to cancel and let folks on the waiting list attend.

February 19, 2019

Foot Pain: a Step in the Right Direction

Dr. Kevin Morris

Often people think they are born with bad feet or pain is just the by-product of getting older. But the truth is that it is not normal for your feet to be painful, whether in athletic exercise, daily work or walking to the mailbox!

Unfortunately, ignoring the pain or simply accepting this foot pain can lead to a debilitating progression resulting in bad outcomes which impacts our general wellbeing. This class will identify the most common foot problems and give you general knowledge and solutions to combat these issues. Topics such as how to cut your toenails and how to choose the correct shoe for your foot will provide you with the information you need to make proper choices which will improve your or your loved ones aching feet.

Shoe recommendation lists, over-the-counter creams, lotions and foot care products lists will be available. Discussion will include: techniques for enhancement of sports performance such as digital foot scanning and video gait analysis, specific treatments for heel pain and plantar fasciitis, “cold feet,” swelling of the feet, best socks and shoes for certain conditions and exercises, and stretching to avoid painful foot conditions.

Dr. Morris has 30 years of experience treating painful foot conditions. He’s been with Wenatchee Foot and Ankle for four years. It is his opinion that “normal feet should not be painful and most painful conditions can be avoided with the right knowledge and education about the choices we make daily.” Avoiding painful foot conditions allows a more active life style including weight control, exercise, stress relief and independence.

Dr. Kevin Morris
Terry Valdez

February 26, 2019

Annual Family Art Night Goes 3D Sculpture

Terry Valdez


If you wish you may register and join the waiting list. You will be notified if there are cancellations.

Join professional artist Terry Valdez and his faithful art assistants for our annual Art making event. Each participant will learn the basics of designing and creating their own small 3D piece with a textured surface exploration. No prior experience necessary. Ages 5 to 95 yrs.

Maximum attendance is 45.

There is no fee for this class. If this class fills quickly (as we anticipate) you will have the opportunity to join a waiting list. Please double check your calendar, and only register if you plan to attend. No-shows for classes mean that your friends on the waiting list can’t come. Flag your confirmation email from Eventbrite and you can cancel any time. A reminder email three days before the event will give you another chance to cancel and let folks on the waiting list attend.

March 5, 2019

Organizing Mom and Dad

Kerri Walker and Christina Davitt

The class will begin with 20 minutes by Kerri Walker, Aging Life Care Manager focusing on “having the talk,” who should be on your care team, planning for future care and descriptions of levels of care and what to expect from each.

The second 20 minutes of the class will feature attorney Christina Davitt on the importance of (and differences between) financial and health care power of attorneys, living wills, trusts, and advance health care directives.

The class will then conclude with “Q & A” period, allowing attendees to identify resources and solve issues to “organize Mom and Dad.

Kerri Walker is an Aging Life Care Manager providing Geriatric Care Management services in the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding areas. She has 20+ years experience in health care in a variety of positions in acute care, inpatient mental health, home health, outpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and administration. Her passion has always been working with the geriatric/aging population.

Christina M. Davitt is an attorney at Ogden Murphy Wallace PLLC in the Wenatchee office. Her practice focuses on guardianships, elder law, and health law. Christina has extensive experience representing families in choosing and implementing estate and end of life plans. She is a Washington State Certified Professional Guardian and a Guardian ad Litem in Title 11 cases.

Kerri Walker and Christina Davitt
Shawn Hunstock

March 12, 2019

Small Business Start-up: Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned

Shawn Hunstock

If you are considering opening a new full-time business or a part-time side business, this class will give you information you need to get started. Starting a new business can be a daunting task. Where do you start? IRS? DOR? L&I? Shawn Hunstock will walk you through some of the options and steps in the process, discuss things that need to happen in a certain sequence, and share resources you can take and refer to later.

Did you know that local zoning or HOA rules can put the brakes on your new business even before it gets started? Do you know how to get a new tax ID and what your options are? Did you know that more than one business license might be required? Thinking of having employees and don’t have a clue what the implications of that are?

Our discussion will focus primarily on the financial and administrative issues surrounding opening a new business and beginning operations. A brief overview of some of the issues and options for opening an online business will also be discussed.

Shawn Hunstock, CPA, has worked in public sector finance for over 24 years in state and local government and higher education, and is currently the Finance Manager at a local non-profit. Throughout his career, Shawn also operated several different small businesses both online and the traditional storefront, brick-and-mortar businesses.

March 19, 2019

Dahlias 101: Planning, Preparing and Planting Your Dahlia Garden

NCW Dahlia Society

Dahlias are showing up all over the Wenatchee Valley! This class will provide a hands-on demonstration of how to plant and care for your dahlias. Members of the NCW Dahlia Society will help you get your dahlias selected, planted and tended, sharing information and best practices, especially in our climate. We will teach you about soil preparation, selection of the best planting location, and what varieties might work best for your growing conditions. We will discuss the different forms and varieties of dahlia, how to interpret dahlia terminology and where to go for additional resources as the season progresses. Tools, accessories, staking labeling and tending will be discussed. Bring your questions and ideas. Everyone in attendance will receive a coupon for a free tuber at our April 27 tuber sale at Pybus Public Market.

North Central Washington Dahlia Society members are committed to supporting community members who are interested in growing and showing dahlias.

Dahlias 101