Nick’s Bricks “To Go Giveaway”

04/10/2021 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Pybus Public Market
3 North Worthen Street
Pybus Public Market



Nick’s Bricks, the Annual Lego Event at Pybus Public Market, returns this spring and will  look a little different than past years. On Saturday, April 10th, the Nick’s Bricks and Pybus  team will be set up to form lines for a giveaway event. Times for pass out will be between  10am and 12noon and from 1 to 3pm, both sessions while supplies last. The Giveaway will  be held outdoors at the south end of Pybus Plaza. In addition to the Giveaway, an exhibit  of Lego builds by local Lego Masters will be available for viewing in the LocalTel Event  Center.  

About the event:

Nick’s Bricks is named in memory of Nicholas (Nick) H. Vitulli and is an event that he  would have loved! Nick passed away in 2016 at the young age of 24 while hiking in  Africa. Nick was gentle, kind, joyful and loved life. He was curious and creative and was  never afraid to explore possibilities. Nick’s FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS and FUN were most  important to him in his life. 

Nick loved LEGOS, playing board games and his favorite book was Lord of the Rings.  Nick was also known for rocking the flannel, for his love of music and playing the bass.  His fantastic imagination and love for play allowed him to maintain and never let go of his  childlike heart. 

Nick’s parents, Kevin and Jayne Vitulli of Wenatchee, WA created the Nicholas H. Vitulli  Memorial Fund at CFNCW to honor their son by sharing his love of Legos and play with  all children in our region. 

“We would like to thank the many community sponsors that help make Nick’s Bricks  possible,” said Jayne and Kevin Vitulli.

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