Pybus University

03/09/2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Pybus University
Feel to Heal: Regulate Your Emotions Through the Power of Music with Ada Ketchie & Nathan Getzin of Wakes

About this Event

Join us for a generative discussion on how we can leverage the power of music in our everyday lives to help us feel, heal, and thrive. This special session will include an immersive sound bath meditation to experience the power of sound healing in practice.

We live in a culture that fears emotion. Often, we deny, repress, and hide our emotions, feeling like there is something wrong with us when we experience anger, anxiety, frustration, insecurity, overwhelm, and more. Left unexpressed, our emotions can accumulate into dis-ease, physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. But the truth is, we must feel in order to heal. Music is a powerfully under-utilized resource to help us regulate and process our emotions, so that we can increase our resilience for uncomfortable feelings and life stressors, release pent up and painful emotional energy, and ultimately calm our nervous systems to regain internal balance. Join us to experience it for yourself!

This class will be held via Zoom. Please note that you will have to use a password to enter the class. Class Link and Passcode will be listed here and emailed to participants prior to the class.

Presenter Bios: Nathan and Ada are the founders of Wakes, creating experiences to help people awaken to a more meaningful and mindful life! They do this by creating live immersive sound meditations, intimate concerts, retreats, and online resources. Their great love (besides each other) is music and they are passionate about using the power of sound, voice, and vibration to facilitate greater mindfulness, relaxation, emotional release and delight. Music is a powerful tool that goes beyond background filler and can be used to tangibly transform your relationship to self by relaxing the nervous system and attuning to the wisdom and insights that reside within.