Pybus University: How to Earn an A+ in College Planning

You’ve successfully steered your young adult through elementary school, middle school, and the part of high school. Now you are faced with the daunting challenge of college planning. FAFSA, ACT, SAT, PSAT, NMSQT, are a few of the acronyms that confront you. We will demystify the college admissions process and provide you with a written guide to use as your family’s college planning tool.

We will talk about what colleges consider when reviewing applications for admission, when to start planning and what steps to take, the difference between the ACT and SAT standardized college admissions tests and how to decide what is best for your student. We supply a glossary to explain the acronyms and common terminology. We round out the program with a question and answer session. Students and parents may attend.

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Presenters include the CEO of Tutor Doctor, Kathleen McNalty

Tutor, Michele Townliand who specialize in SAT and ACT preparation, and

Pat Phillips, a former high school career counselor.