Pybus University: Yoga and Meditation for Aging with Grace

12/03/2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Pybus Public Market

Mainstream media portrays yoga as a practice for only the young and very flexible but yoga has, in fact, always been a tool for staying healthy as we age. Far from the athletic endeavors that we see on magazine covers, there is plenty of yoga out there that is simply for maintaining strength, mobility and balance. Mentally, meditation and yoga both help to keep the MIND flexible and healthy. Learn some simple yoga and meditation practices that you can do daily to help you in your daily life. This class is open for participants of all ages and is beneficial to everyone.

This class will be taught using chairs and standing. Wear clothing that is not restrictive to movement and allows you to take arms overhead, bend at the knee joint and waist comfortably. No yoga mats are required.

With Joanna Dunn, Certified Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500-Hour

For more information, visit or call 509-470-0542