VIRTUAL Pybus University – Real Self-Care: Self-Compassion Tools for General Wellness, Burnout & Caregiver Fatigue

03/31/2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

Description: Our well-being, and the well-being of those we care for, requires that we understand what we really need to be happy, and then we need to learn how to give that to ourselves.  This is true for everybody, and it’s something we all struggle with.  Luckily, research on the emerging field of Self-Compassion shows that we can learn to understand our own needs better, and we can learn to meet our own needs better.  By understanding the causes of burnout, stress and emotional drain in our lives, and by learning simple and proven tools, we can increase our well-being, our emotional resiliency, and increase our ability to care for ourselves and others with joy and balance.

In this program you will learn what Self-Compassion is, you will hear a little about the research around it, and mostly, you will learn some simple and effective tools you can take home and begin using right away to help you care for yourself and others more effectively.


Self-Compassion is strongly associated with:


  • Increased emotional well-being
  • Reduction in Caregiver burnout
  • Reduced anxiety, stress and depression
  • Reduced self-criticism
  • Increased self-kindness
  • Increased motivation
  • Maintenance of healthy habits
  • More satisfying personal relationships

Note: This program will have an extra emphasis on helping us stay healthy while caring for others, whether we do that as parents, family caregivers, or professional.

Bio: Oori Silberstein teaches practical, evidence-based skills that reduce stress and burn out, and increase emotional resiliency.  He works with individuals and groups in schools, hospitals, businesses, non-profit organizations and community classes.  He is trained in Somatic Trauma Resiliency, Spiritual Care and Grief Support, and his experience includes work at Harborview Medical Center, Room One, King County & Hospice.  Oori trained as a Mindfulness and Self-Compassion teacher through University San Diego Center for Self-Compassion and through Mindfulness Northwest.  He teaches community classes here in Wenatchee several times a year, and is very interested in offering these classes to teens in Wenatchee as well. Feel free to email Oori with questions at


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Important information for Zoom call:

To access this class, all you need to do is click on the link below from a computer, tablet or phone that has a mic and a camera, and follow the simple directions.  (Oori has been teaching online this way for many years.)
Please log on 10  minutes early to make sure everything is working well.  And if you know you might want help with the technology, please log on 20 minutes early and someone will be there to help.