5th Annual Washington State “Cherry Pit Spit” Contest at Pybus Market 12 Noon to 2:00pm

Date(s) - 07/04/2018
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Pybus Public Market

What could be more American than Wenatchee cherries on the 4th of July? And everyone knows what comes with cherries ….. pits! So Pybus Market is pleased to present the 5th Annual Washington State “Cherry Pit Spit” Contest from 12 Noon to 2:00pm on Wednesday, the 4th of July.

Official rules are:

1. Age divisions are: 0-10 years | 11-18 years | Women’s Open | Men’s Open

2. Pit spitting is an open competition for any age, sex, height, weight, or size of mouth. Official spitting pits will be provided. No one will be permitted to use their own pit.

3. Professional tobacco spitters are not eligible. Chin dribblers shall be disqualified.

4. Immediate disqualification to any contestant using any form of pipe, tube, or other hollow object to propel pits. Any competitor receiving assistance, of any kind, at moment of pit launching shall be immediately disqualified. This disqualifies contestants gaining additional distance from a swat on the rear at the time of spitting.

5. Contestants who accidentally swallow pits while sucking in air prior to launch, will be given one extra pit. Pybus Market shall not be held responsible for the after effects of pits swallowed by any contestant.

6. Contestants who wear dentures, whose teeth go further than the pit, shall abide by judges decision: distance pit travels is the only thing that counts. Poly-grip available on request.

7. No running, jumping, skipping, or laying down while spitting. All spitting shall be from an erect, stationary stance.

8. All spitting methods shall be acceptable. Simple blowing of pit from corners of lips, wide open mouth, the tongue roll, or any style preferred by contestant. Loud grunts and noises at time of spit is acceptable.

9. Winners receive some really cool prizes and the fame and fortune that comes from winning this prestigious contest. We expect world-wide media coverage, so extra credit will be given to contestants who dress in a patriotic theme.

For questions, call 509-888-3900 or email: info@pybusmarket.org