Pybus University: “Honey Bees….What’s the Buzz?”

Date(s) - 01/29/2019
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Pybus Public Market

The Pybus Univrsity class on Tuesday, January 29 at 7pm is entitled: “Honey Bees….What’s the Buzz?” Instructors are Pete Hill and Daryn Klinginsmith, who will host 90 minutes of open discussion covering these basics of honey bees in the Northwest:

  • How to become a beekeeper, what is necessary to be successful, and what to expect in your first couple of years.
  • Information about the local beekeeping community and how to share information and experiences.
  • What equipment and skills are necessary.
  • Fears about honey bees and the truth about how gentle they are.
  • How important these little pollinators are to the health of our planet.
  • How we can all help the honey bees, in our everyday lives.
  • Honey, pollinating and other benefits of the honey bee.
  • There will be items to illustrate beekeeping, including ‘tools of the trade’. (No bees though, because they are taking their winter nap.

Honey Bees are fascinating creatures that work collectively for the sole purpose of keeping their colony healthy and thriving. We can learn a lot about communication, cooperation and community from these tiny little friends. Pete and Daryn have been novice beekeepers for several years and continue to learn from their bees as well as fellow beekeepers.