Farm to Face & Body – Anderson Family Farm to Exit Pybus Public Market


Pybus Public Market


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July 19, 2021

Joint Press Release


Farm to Face & Body – Anderson Family Farm to Exit Pybus Public Market

After 6 years at Pybus Public Market (first in 2015 as a concourse artisan and then in 2018 as a full-time merchant), Kimberlee and Rick Anderson have decided to close their retail shop at Pybus Public Market.

“We are thankful for our many customers we have met and served during our time at Pybus Public Market, sharing our passion for our unique artisan goat milk body care products produced locally on our farm in Ellensburg”, said Kimberlee.

“Our business has many parts to it, and while we are closing this location, the rest of our business continues to be strong, viable, and moving forward”, added Rick.

“Kimberlee and Rick have built a great family-owned business with their special products and have been great partners at the market. They will be missed”, said Leslie Freytag, Executive Director.

“We will be looking for a new tenant to fill the space by the end of October 2021”, added Ms. Freytag. Interested parties should send inquires to

For additional information, please contact:


Pybus Public Market

Leslie Freytag: or 509.679.8338

Katie Atkinson: or 509.860.9134

Farm to Face & Body – Anderson Family Farm

            Rick Anderson: or 425.766.4867

About Pybus Public Market

Pybus Public Market is built in the historic Pybus steel warehouse located next to the Columbia River at the foot of Orondo Street in Wenatchee.  The property is a year-round marketplace for restaurants, wine, fruit and vegetable vendors, meats and cheeses, baked goods, oils, other foods, flowers, retail sales and local craftspeople. It also serves as the permanent home for Wenatchee Valley Farmer’s Market.  Pybus Market opened May 11, 2013. Pybus Market is governed by a 20-person board of directors of Pybus Market Charitable Foundation, a 501c (3) non-profit.

About Farm to Face & Body – Anderson Family Farm

Anderson Family Farm creates artisan goat milk body care products on their beautiful farm in Central Washington state. Their products are unique because you will not find a drop of water in any of them; what you will find is 100% high performing raw materials that penetrate and nourish your skin. They have had dairy goats for over 25 years and their chosen breed’s goat milk is extremely high in butterfat, which contributes rich moisturizing qualities and over 50 different vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to be absorbed by the skin. This family-owned business employs sustainable farming methods, integrity testing, organic standards, and is environmentally sensitive.


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