February Pybus Impact Partner – Wenatchee WorkSpace

Pybus Foundation has launched a new program in 2020 – Pybus Impact Partner! A new opportunity for businesses and individuals in the community to show their support for our market and foundation. Pybus Impact Partners make a financial gift to underwrite the charitable activities that happen throughout the year.





February Pybus Impact Partner:

Imagine a place free of distractions, a place free from life’s daily struggles such as putting off work in order to spend quality time with pets, procrastinating in the name of dishes, or walking away from a project to put in another load of laundry.

Imagine Wenatchee WorkSpace. 

What started off as a way to simply repurpose commercial space has evolved into a way to bring future commerce to the Wenatchee Valley.

Walking into WorkSpace feels like a transcendent departure from Wenatchee. I am astonished to see a conference room made entirely of glass accompanied by breathtaking art that looks as though it’s straight from the 1960s.

J. Michael Walker greets me, the instigator, designer, and visionary behind Wenatchee WorkSpace. WorkSpace was a meaningful collaboration between father and son, yet the vision behind it is quite meaningful.

“We were trying to come up with some ideas that filled the space appropriately, and I thought creating a coworking space in the valley would be something that would be a really good fit here. We thought a coworking place would be a place, where other entrepreneurs, freelancers and people who worked from home would maybe come and work together, by themselves,” said Walker. 

Many people simply choose to use small tables at Starbucks or Caffe Mela as an office, yet among WorkSpace’s many advantages is its impeccable modern minimalism design and privacy.

“It is Starbucks without strangers coming in and looking over your shoulder, and wanting to have a conversation about nothing,” Walker said.

While WorkSpace coincided with the transformation of downtown, Walker believes that Pybus Market was a crucial component in Wenatchee’s renaissance.

“Since Pybus Market has been in existence, the entirety of downtown Wenatchee has benefited from it. And, the downtown of Wenatchee has continued to bloom and blossom since Pybus Market was built,” Walker said. 

WorkSpace also has provided a space that is crucial to meet Wenatchee’s growing business needs including its growing population.

“There are so many people that I talk to everyday in Wenatchee that are from all over. A lot of those people are visitors and some have already bought homes here. A lot of them had second homes here, and a lot of those second homes evolved into maybe we’re just going to live here all the time now because the taxes are cheaper, and it’s a better quality of life in Wenatchee. Most people can work remotely now from anywhere, they don’t have to be in a physical office to work. So I think they want a lot of different options, and I think those places should have a design that lends itself to creativity and collaboration,” Walker said.

Walker suffers from no lack of creativity which is clearly evident upon observing WorkSpace’s amenities, art and design. Indeed, Wenatchee Workspace has provided an outlet for Walker to combine his many talents.

“I directed an art gallery in Seattle when I was younger and I have always had a personal passion for art. Roy Lichenstein was one of my heroes so I started painting these big paintings which are kind of inspired by him but they are very much mine,” Walker said.

“I used a lot of my life skills in bringing this vision to life. This was in my brain before it was physically here; so through the process of the construction I was able to incorporate all of the things I was thinking of, and put them in this space. Hopefully some of these things that I thought were helpful to me would be helpful to other people too. That was kinda the whole reason we did it,” Walker said.

Written by Chloe Anne-Marie Walker.

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