McGregor Farms to Enter Pybus Public Market, as Full Bloom Flowers and Plants Exits

After 6 ½ years at Pybus Public Market, Full Bloom Flowers and Plants has sold their business and the new owner re-located the business to a larger space to accommodate their growing wedding business.

“The market has given us the opportunity to grow our business beyond what we could have done on our own”, said Pam McNeil, Owner, Full Bloom Flowers and Plants.

“Full Bloom Flowers and Plants has been a great partner at the market and will be missed”, said Leslie Freytag, Executive Director.

McGregor Honey & Mead is coming soon, with an anticipated March opening. McGregor’s have been part of the Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market since 2015 and are excited to open this unique boutique and tasting room, for all things honey and mead! McGregor Farms will offer a Honey tasting bar, honey related specialty gifts and a Mead tasting bar with charcuterie assortments.

McGregor Farms is a family owned and operated honeybee farm producing honey, Mead and related products.  What started out as a hobby, for Mike McGregor, became a commitment and full-time family business in 2013. McGregor Farms focuses on providing the best possible care and habitat for honeybees to thrive and flourish with a goal of producing the best, local, raw, fresh honey. They have been educating consumers on the benefits of healthy honeybees and fresh local honey ever since.

In 2016 their son Mark McGregor joined the Bee Team, bringing the knowledge and passion for brewing which led to the launch of the mead segment of the business, producing session style mead which is a specialty craft beverage made from honey with a variety of flavors.  Available on tap at the tasting room will be our Hopped, Lavender, Blackberry and Traditional Mead with an ABV of 6.5%.  Mead Is thought to be the oldest fermented beverage, predating both beer and wine.

In 2019, their Daughter Melissa along with her husband Simon brought their creativity and business skills to the Bee Team making the dream of a public tasting room possible.  Additionally, the family is renovating a 100 year – old Schoolhouse near their farm for educational and private events, featuring a bee walk, bee garden and observation hive. Estimated opening summer of 2020.

“The market is delighted to welcome McGregor Family Farms, adding another tasting opportunity for our many guests”, added Freytag.