Become A Pybus Impact Partner

When people gather at Pybus Market, great things happen!

Why Become A Pybus Impact Partner

Our Mission

Pybus Market Charitable Foundation is the conscience of Pybus Market. It enhances the quality of life in north central Washington, now and for generations to come, by engaging in charitable activities at Pybus Market that build community, support other non-profits and are educational in nature.

The Foundation does this by:

  • Providing community building forums to promote diversity and encouraging civic engagement through naturalization services, voter registration drives and educational community events.
  • Providing space and programs to serve the poor, homeless, distressed and underprivileged
  • Fostering the arts by supporting artistic educational programs and performances.
  • Promoting health and education through access to healthcare services, support groups, engagement and forums on subjects ranging from health conscience cooking classes to lectures on the history of the Valley.
  • Providing family friendly activities and a safe place for children to discover and learn through games and competitions.
  • Hosting and promoting other charitable activities and non-profits, providing free and reduced rate facility fees for gatherings and worship.

Become A Pybus Impact Partner

A new opportunity for businesses and individuals in the community to show your support for what we are doing at the market. Pybus Impact Partners make a financial gift to underwrite the charitable activities that happen throughout the year. With over 200,000 visitors, and over 150 community activities & charitable events annually, underwriting is a cost-effective investment in public relations, image promotion, and recognition.

How it Works

Impact Partners select the month in which they would like to underwrite and are on a first come first serve basis. As part of our introduction of this program, each month will be limited to one underwriter — for maximum exposure. When you become a Pybus Impact Partner, you will be recognized in all promotional activities that we do for that month. This is an estimated value of almost $6,000 in exposure.

Recognition includes, but is not limited to radio advertising, local television, a community thank you to over 17,000 followers on our Pybus Facebook page and more. The investment of a Pybus Impact partnership is $5,000 for one month of underwriting. All Impact Partners for the calendar year will be recognized on our website.

When you become a Pybus Impact Partner, you are telling the community that you believe in the good work that is being done at Pybus and that you want to see that it continues for years to come.

It's all in the Details

Impact Partners select the month(s) out of the year that they wish to underwrite. Months are on a first come first serve basis. Each month is limited to one underwriter. If your desired month is not available, please select an alternative month, and you will be put on a waiting list for your desired month. All Impact Partners will have first right to refusal to resign for their desired month, 6 months prior to their requested month. Billing can be done all at one or in two installments.

Impact Partner Benefits

Limited to 1 Partner Each Month
Contribution: $5,000

  • Partnership banner on the website, App, Facebook, Instagram and Bi-Monthly newsletter with circulation of 5,000*
  • Radio interview on KOHO*
  • Radio Commercials/PSA’s when applicable*
  • Space in concourse during an event for given month for corporate literature/information*
  • Recognition in all press releases, interviews and advertising*

Estimated Value: $5,800
*All benefits listed are during your sponsored month.