Meet the PMCF Board

The Foundation is governed by a 21 person Board of Directors. They represent a diverse group of community leaders with experience in the worlds of business, law, retail, marketing, accounting, insurance, the arts and non-profits. Current board members are identified below. The Board is always looking for community-minded individuals who believe strongly in the mission of the Foundation and who may wish to serve as board members in the future.  If you are passionate about Pybus Market and how it can improve our community, and want to be considered for a future opening on the board of directors, please email

* Founding Board Members

  • Mike Walker

    Mike Walker *

  • JoAnn Walker

    JoAnn Walker *

  • Craig Homchick

    Craig Homchick *

  • Gil Sparks

    Gil Sparks

  • Lindsey Weidenbach

    Lindsey Weidenbach

  • Kristin Lodge

    Kristin Lodge

  • Nate Bishop

    Nate Bishop

  • Tina Scull

    Tina Scull

  • Jeff Rounds

    Jeff Rounds

  • Katie Pauly

    Katie Pauly

  • Cori Bautista

    Cori Bautista

  • Leslie Freytag

    Leslie Freytag

  • Kelly Thompson

    Kelly Thompson

  • Josh Tarr

    Josh Tarr

  • Daryn Klinginsmith

    Daryn Klinginsmith

  • Rick Wray

    Rick Wray

  • Katharine Grove

    Katharine Grove

  • Steve Lee

    Steve Lee

  • Chris Avey

    Chris Avey