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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Pybus Public Market is an open-air market in the heart of the Greater Wenatchee Valley. Currently, the market houses over 18 diverse tenants from artisans, delectable specialty foods, local retail shops, gourmet restaurants and eateries and the cornerstone farmer’s market. Residents and tourists flock to the market annually for tasty treats, produce, gifts and more. Since 2013, Pybus Public Market truly is a place where the community meets.

Due to Covid-19, Pybus reduced market hours to meet the guidance from the State and local Chelan-Douglas Health District jurisdiction.  The closure and reduced hours impacted all business operations. In April 2020, Pybus Charitable Foundation immediately provided all tenants one-month free rent. Then, in January 2021 an anonymous donor stepped up for another month of free rent for all the tenants. The total impact of the 2 rent free months equaled over $50,000 benefit to our tenants.

The re-opening of Washington plan has enabled the Pybus Public Market to return to normal operating hours prior to Covid shutdown.  In April 2021, Pybus Public Market Administration issued a public survey to the community.  Out of nearly 1,500 responses, 90% of the people stated the hours of operation were ‘extremely important, very important, and somewhat important’ as to why they shop or eat at Pybus.  The public response sent a clear message that it is time to prepare to fully re-open. View the entire survey here.

Pybus Public Market Administration actively listens and responds to the board of directors and the public at-large. Regarding the adored Pybus Bistro, Leslie Freytag, the Pybus Public Market Executive Director stated, “On behalf of Pybus, we are deeply saddened that the Pybus Bistro will no longer occupy the space. We understand the hours of operation did not work for them as we move forward to fully re-open the market. We have genuinely appreciated their partnership, admire their culinary talent and only wish them the best in their future endeavors.” Pybus Bistro was one of the initial tenants of the market and is absolutely loved by so many residents in our valley.

For further questions on Pybus Public Market, please email or call Leslie directly at 509.888.3900.

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