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Foothills MeditationsA Celebration of Seasonal Colors 
Our surrounding foothills bring a surprising variety of muted colors throughout the year. Spring arrives with green grasses and vibrant wildflowers. As we work into summer, our grasses go golden and sage rules the landscape. Fall brings muted variations as the plants wither and pull back into the earth. In winter, snow whites cover our hillsides like soft comfy blankets. These paintings are meant to celebrate the muted colors of our beloved foothills. The seasonal colors of our surrounding foothills inspired this series of paintings. 
I am looking to paint the idea of the color, to float this idea across the page as the main subject, like a fog of color, meandering to and fro, a gentle wave of muted colors – perhaps a meditation. 
Cynthia Ellice Noyd is a local, teaching artist living and working here in Wenatchee, the heart of Washington State. She is a self-described landscape painter working in a variety of media. Current works explore pen & ink on large strips of rice paper and oil paint exploring the muted colors of our surrounding foothills. We all feel our best when we create. Helping others to create is a great joy. Cynthia has been teaching at The River Academy for over 15 years. My students bless me each and every day, and for them I am thankful. 
Awards: 2022 Washington State Apple Blossom Artist. 2019 Washington State Art Association Secondary Art Teacher of the Year. 2017 National Board Certification. 2019 Florence tour, an award from Marist College, 2017 National Gallery of Art Faber/Castile Fellowship. ‘Memories Reimagined’ First Place, 2021 Teachers as Artists, Maryhill Museum of Art and The Tacoma Art Museum. 2020, ‘Women of Influence’ 2nd Place, 2020 Teachers as Artists, Maryhill Museum of Art and The Tacoma Art Museum. Cynthia is currently enrolled in a MA Studio Art program through the Florence Academy of Art. 
Visit for a survey of Cyndi’s work and Cyndi Noyd on YouTube for quick and fun art lessons for all ages and abilities.
Please welcome Cyndi Noyd to Art Alley on Friday, February 3rd for a Reception from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm 

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