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The New Frontier
“My work is a phase of continuing creative impulses that embodies a primitive direct conscientiousness of creation itself.  The painting then comes into reality at the point it joins me. In this way, the painting exists through the impulses that are transmitted in special movement, bursting textural color, and zones of the flat void.  My paintings do not express emotion, they evoke it.  I am not aware of what a canvas holds until becoming acquainted with the developing piece.  I do not fear changes or destroying the image entirely because the painting has a life of its own.  It is my role to let that life come through. The ease of give and take through the experience results in fantastic works of art.” 
“The new frontier of art is the mind.  If we unlock the subconscious mind then we discover secrets of our past and future.  We should develop a belief, understanding, and trust in the power within us.  We can accomplish this even with the ever-distracting conscious mind.  The power is there.  We only must unlock the door to learn the secrets hidden within creativity.  Man’s future is dependent on unlocking potential, then allowing the energy to flow.  As artists, we need to invest in exploring the subconscious; liberate and unleash this force. Nothing is impossible so long as the artist controls its means.  Unlock the secret creative unities and reciprocities that make up the inner life of man”
Please join us on Friday, June 2nd in Art Alley from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm to welcome Russ Hepler.

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