Wanted: Legos Creations to Display at Nicks Bricks on March 2

Nicks Bricks — our annual legos event at Pybus Market — is just around the corner …. on Saturday, March 2 from 10am to 3pm.  We are Looking for great LEGO creations to display at Nick’s Bricks. If you have a pre-made creation that is AMAZING and worthy of public display, we’re interested! And if you are willing to be present during the March 2 event and explain (i.e., show-off) your display, that is even better!

If you have something worthy of public display, please contact Kevin Vitulli at kvitulli@hotmail.com or 206-619-4364.

*Please Note: You are solely responsible for getting your display to Pybus Market, setting it up at 9:00am and then bringing it back home with you.