Nonprofit Opportunities

Pybus Market Nonprofit Community Space

The Nonprofit Community Space at Pybus Public Market provides non-profit organizations in our community an opportunity to raise awareness and promote their organization to the public.

The space is located next to the Pybus Information Center near the west entrance.

Nonprofits are organizations, foundations and charities that serve the community. Nonprofit Organizations may use a Day Table spot to market their organization, ask for donations, or recruit volunteers. Nonprofit organizations may educate but not engage in political advocacy. Day Tables are inappropriate for political candidates or for soliciting signatures for initiatives and such activities are not considered as nonprofit activities.

Selling products is not permitted with the use of the Nonprofit Community Space – see Artisan Day Table information.

Organizations must show their Letter of Determination from the IRS to use the Nonprofit Community Space.

How to sign up:

This space is available any day that Pybus Market is open to the public (excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day).

Each organization is eligible for four days per quarter. One of those days may be a weekend day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). The other 3 days can be used midweek (Mon-Thurs).

To sign up, please contact our business office at

(509) 888-3900
3 N Worthen St.

Or, email

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