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Pybus Public Market is pleased to offer a series of unique and fun classes for the general public. Classes are free, unless otherwise indicated below. Some classes have a limited number of attendees, so be sure to sign up early! The location of most classes will be in the Pybus Market Event Room. Each class will last 60 to 90 minutes and will be a one night event. Classes are taught by local volunteers with an interest and aptitude in the subject. The public is invited to register for as many classes as you like.

To register, click the “Register Now” link next to the class listings. Once you receive the automated confirmation of enrollment, simply show up for the 7:00pm class at the designated date at Pybus Market. Classes start promptly at 7:00pm.

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PLEASE only register for classes you plan to attend. Double check your calendars. A significant number of people register and don’t show up. This creates extra work for our volunteer crew, and for capped classes means your friends are unable to attend. Please flag your registration email. If you can’t attend, let us know. Our speakers volunteer their time and expertise. Help us keep Pybus U classes free to the public, and a place where community meets!

Pybus University classes will be returning to in person for the spring of 2022 and will be hosted from 7pm to 8pm Tuesday evenings in the LocalTel event center at Pybus Public Market (unless otherwise indicated below). Any questions can be directed to the Pybus University Coordinator at

Class Descriptions - spring 2022

February 15th

The story of how organic farming came to the ncw

with Jerry Pipitone of Pipitone Farms

Come learn from local area expert Jerry Pipitone about the history of organic farming in North Central Washington. Jerry has been involved in this process here in Washington many years and knows the ins and outs of organic farming. Jerry’s farm, Pipitone Farms, was established here in East Wenatchee in 1978 so he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to farming. Jerry will share the history of the organic farming process and growth in Washington state and what that looks like today.

Instructor: Jerry Pipitone has adhered to strictly organic practices at Pipitone Farms since 1978, certified first with Tilth Producers, then with the Washington State Department of Agriculture. They own a productive five-acre orchard on the bench-land above the Columbia River in the little town of Rock Island. Here the abundant sunshine, cool waters of the Columbia, and the caring hands of Jerry and his team grow wonderful apricots, garlic, Italian prunes, nectarines, peaches, peppers, tomatoes and shallots.

March 1st

Living in harmony in a fire prone environment

We live in an area where wildfires are common. Every year we are impacted more and more often by fires. So how do we find a way to live in harmony with this challenge? How can we make adjustments to the landscapes of our homes to help in this endeavor?

In this class we will discuss some of the ways to live in a fire prone environment with less stress and fear that wildfires often present. We will offer landscaping ideas and vegetative options that not only reduce fire risk but offer other options for benefiting wildlife and reducing water consumption.

Instructor: Al Murphy is a retired forester that failed at retirement. He enjoys helping others and sharing information he has picked up from his assignments throughout the western U.S. and in other countries.

March 8th

Tips, Tools and Techniques for the Family Caregiver: Caring for a Loved One with Dementia​

Providing care for a loved one can be challenging at times. This is an opportunity to discover tools and tips that may alleviate some of the rough patches and help to create better moments throughout the day for you and your loved one. While this class is focused on those with a loved one with Dementia, the information covered would be beneficial to anyone who finds them in the role of caregiver.

Instructor: This class will be presented by a staff member of Serengeti Care. Serengeti Care supports people of all ages in the comfort of their own home. Their home care services are specialized to fit your needs, whether it be a few hours or around the clock care. They bring Assisted Living to you!

March 22nd

injury prevention for all ages

Do you want to learn how to prevent injury in order to stay physically active and participate in the activities you love?  Then this class is for you! 

Injuries, aches and pains are prevalent amongst all age groups.  Each year, more than 3.5 million injuries occur in ages 5-14 years old while playing a sport.  A study conducted for the National Center for Health Statistics in 2019 demonstrated that 58.9% of adults aged 18 and older had experienced musculoskeletal pain in the past 3 months.   Needless to say, pain and injuries are something that almost every individual will experience at some point in their life.   

The good news?  There are many things we can do as individuals to help prevent injury and to reduce pain so that we can continue a physically active lifestyle and participate in the sports, recreational activities and hobbies we enjoy.  

This class will cover behaviors, exercises, and posture or ergonomic considerations to help you stay active and healthy.  Are you a teenage athlete looking for tips for warm-ups, cool-downs, and strength and conditioning activities demonstrated to reduce risk of injury? Are you in your mid 30’s and work a desk job 40 hours a week but enjoy getting out to the mountains on weekends to recreate?  Or are you in your 70’s and desire to keep your body feeling good while you garden or play with your grandchildren?  This class will address topics that are engaging and relevant for your life.  

Instructor: Mallory Berschauer, PT, DPT, OCS:  Mallory is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the owner of Mission Peak Physical Therapy in Wenatchee.  She specializes in the areas of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Dance Medicine, and Women’s Health Physical Therapy.   Read more about her background and interests here: Who We Are | Mission Peak Physical Therapy | Wenatchee, WA ( 

Jenna Neff-Jacques, PT, DPT, OCS: Jenna is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who also works at Mission Peak Physical Therapy in Wenatchee.  She specializes in the areas of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Spine Rehabilitation, Vestibular and Balance Disorders, Post-Concussive Disorders, and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders.  Read more about her background and interests here: Who We Are | Mission Peak Physical Therapy | Wenatchee, WA ( 

March 29th

wild foraging for nettles

with Rachel Bishop

When many of us think of Stinging Nettle we see the plant that hurts when we touch it. But did you know it is a plant that you can eat? Join Rachel Bishop, Community Programs Manager at Wenatchee River Institute, and nettle forager, for a class on wild harvesting and eating Stinging Nettle. You will learn how to identify Stinging Nettle, the habitat you may find it growing, tips for harvesting, and uses. The icing on the top – each person will go home with a little nettle pesto! Nettle has been used as food, drink, and medicinally for a very long time. It contains many different nutrients, like vitamins A & C, amino acids, and minerals. If you are interested in wild foraging, this is the class for you!

Instructor: Rachel Bishop is the Community Programs Manager at Wenatchee River Institute in Leavenworth, WA. She has been teaching and connecting people to the natural world professionally and for fun for over 15 years. Rachel is especially excited about foraging wild foods, such as Stinging Nettle, mushrooms, and berries. Rachel has lived in Leavenworth for the past 5 years with her husband and their dog named Thor.


April 12th

#2 canyon: a near place that is far out!

Our area is known for the trails and hiking opportunities we have available. People visit our area from around the world to get a chance to explore the trails in the area we call home. If you are a hiker, explorer, or fan of nature, this class is for you! Come get to know this area a little better by learning about some new features you can find in your own neck of the “woods.” This session will discuss the new trails and other features constructed up #2 canyon and some of the very interesting, little know attributes of the area.

Regardless of if you are an avid hiker or a novice just getting started we are sure you will get some great information from this class!

Instructor: Al Murphy is a retired forester that failed at retirement. He enjoys helping others and sharing information he has picked up from his assignments throughout the western U.S. and in other countries.

April 19th

dahlias 101: dahlia basics in ncw

with NCW Dahlia Society 

Let’s all help make 2022 a great year for dahlia gardeners, whether we are veteran growers or enthusiastic beginners! NCWDS will provide a hands-on demonstration of how to plant and care for your dahlias. Members of the NCW Dahlia Society will talk about which dahlias grow well in this climate, and will show you how to prepare your garden, plant your tubers and tend your plants throughout the growing season. We will talk about soil preparation, selection of the best planting locations and discuss routine maintenance that is common to dahlia growers across the Northwest. We will discuss the different forms and varieties of dahlia, how to interpret dahlia terminology and where to go for additional resources as your season progresses. Tools, accessories, labeling, supporting and staking will be discussed. We will briefly touch on how you can increase your dahlia stock by taking cuttings from your tubers. Bring your questions and ideas.

Everyone in attendance will receive a coupon for a free tuber at our spring tuber sales at Pybus Public Market. Presenter

Instructors: This class will be taught by members of the North Central Washington Dahlia Society. Among these are American Dahlia Society accredited judges as well as avid dahlia growers who grow simply for the joy of it. The NCW Dahlia Society is committed to providing support to all local community members who love dahlias. We are looking forward to helping you in your dahlia endeavors!!


April 26th

breathe easy this fire season

Join Dr. Lodhi and Dr. Stoever from the Confluence Health Pulmonology Department to learn about ways to keep your lungs healthy during the upcoming fire season. Topics include ways to prepare, safe ways to exercise or go outside during fire season, and symptoms to look out for. This free event includes demonstrations on building at-home air filters, and numerous educational documents will be offered about lung health, lung cancer, and the effects that smoke has on your lungs. Light refreshments and pastries will be provided


May 3rd

are your affairs in order? advice on creating or updating your will and leaving a legacy

Is your New Year’s resolution to update your will?  If not, maybe it should be.  Without a will, the disbursement of your property and the care of your dependents are determined by state law.  You want to make sure that you are leaving your family and your assets in good hands and that the causes you care about continue to thrive well beyond your lifetime.

During this class, you will learn the basics of creating or updating a will from local attorney Allison Foreman of Foreman, Hotchkiss, Zimmerman and Bauscher.  Beth Stipe, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of North Central Washington will also introduce you to the “Give 10” campaign and encourage you to think about what kind of legacy you might leave for future generations. 

Local attorneys who specialize in estate planning will be available for you to meet following the presentation.

Instructors: Allison R. Foreman is a partner at Foreman, Hotchkiss, Bauscher & Zimmerman, PLLC, a law firm in Wenatchee that represents a broad range of clients across North Central Washington.  Allison is a graduate of Harvard College, Harvard Law School, and the University of Washington School of Law, where she earned an advanced degree in tax law while building her practice.  Her practice focuses on business advising, tax and estate planning for individuals, families and businesses, and estate and trust administration and litigation.  She also represents individuals and businesses in civil litigation matters, including employment litigation and contract disputes.  An important part of Allison’s practice involves advising clients in the agriculture industry, particularly with respect to estate planning strategies, estate and trust administration issues, probate, and estate and trust dispute resolution matters involving agricultural assets.  Allison serves on the Probate and Trust Council for the WSBA Real Property, Probate and Trust Section and is Treasurer and President-Elect of the Chelan-Douglas County Bar Association.  She also sits on the WSBA Small Town and Rural Committee, which seeks to strengthen and support the practice of law in the rural communities throughout Washington.  Outside of the office, Allison serves on the Board of Directors for Pybus Public Market and enjoys spending time with her husband, James, and their five lively children.

5 Mayo

¿Estan sus asuntos en orden? Consejos para Crear y Actualizar su Testamento y dejar un Legado

¿Es su resolución de Año Nuevo actualizar su testamento? Si no, tal vez debería serlo. Sin un testamento, el desembolso de su propiedad y el cuidado de sus dependientes están determinados por la ley estatal. Quiere asegurarse de que está dejando a su familia y sus bienes en buenas manos y que las causas que le importan continúan prosperando mucho más allá de su vida.

 Durante esta clase, aprenderá los conceptos básicos para crear o actualizar un testamento del abogado local bilingüe Michael Bradford de Davis Arneil.

Abogados locales que se especializan en planificación patrimonial estarán disponibles para que los conozca después de la presentación. *

may 10th

Below the Rapids of the Upper Columbia River

What is going on in our local rivers? Did you know fish aren’t the only animals that swim in them? Some birds do too! Is a bull trout really a trout? Is there really such a thing as a saber-toothed salmon? Join the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board staff to learn the answers to these questions with an amusing game of river trivia. Also learn about the incredible amount of restoration work taking place and how the public can stay informed and involved!

Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board website:

Instructors: Nicole Jordan: Nicole Jordan relocated to the Wenatchee area from Bellingham with her husband in December 2019. She holds her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Communication and Education from Huxley College at Western Washington University and has worked several years in professional communication and outreach for marine conservation in Puget Sound. She is passionate about uniting different perspectives, building partnerships and tracking our collective impact.

Tracy Bowerman: Tracy has worked in river conservation for the past two decades. She earned a Ph.D. in Aquatic Ecology from Utah State University and has studied salmon and trout populations throughout the Pacific Northwest. She has worked as a research scientist for the University of Idaho and the U.S. Geological Survey in Hawaii. Tracy previously taught at Salish-Kootenai College in Montana and worked in natural resource outreach, education, and policy in Oregon’s high desert.

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