When people gather at Pybus Market, great things happen!


The mission of the Pybus Market Charitable Foundation is to enhance the quality of
life in the greater Wenatchee valley, now and for generations to come.


The Pybus Market Charitable Foundation was founded in 2012 by Mike and JoAnn Walker to establish a public market for the greater community benefit. The Foundation’s strategy is to leverage the power, popularity and physical infrastructure of Pybus Public Market to create and maintain charitable activities at the Market benefiting a broad cross-section of the community. By intention, the Foundation engages in a broad set of charitable activities at Pybus Market, rather than a narrow set.

The Foundation focuses on six core areas:

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    Community Diversity and Civic Engagement which includes forums and educational community events, naturalization services and voter registration drives.
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    Providing space and programs to serve the poor, homeless, distressed and underprivileged. Make a Difference Day is the cornerstone of the Foundation’s activities.
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    Fostering the arts by supporting artistic educational programs and performances.
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    Promoting health and education through access to healthcare services, support groups, engagement and forums on subjects ranging from health conscience cooking classes to lectures on the history of the Valley.
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    Providing family friendly activities and a safe place for children to discover and learn through games and competitions.
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    Hosting and promoting other charitable activities and non-profits, providing free and reduced rate facility fees for gatherings and worship.

To sustain these efforts in the long term, public sponsorships and individual donations are crucial.

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Pybus Public Market, a 501(c)5 and Pybus Foundation, a 501(c)3 are governed by a single Board of Directors. They represent a diverse group of community leaders with experience in the worlds of agriculture, business, law, retail, marketing, accounting, insurance, the arts and non-profits.

* Founding Board Members

Nate Bishop


Lindsey Weidenbach

President Elect

Katie Pauly


Craig Homchick*

Past President

JoAnn Walker*


Mike Walker*


Chris Avey

Dick Baskin

Cori Bautista

Ron Berschauer

Katharine Bohm

Mike Cattin

Meaghan Greydanus

Daryn Klinginsmith

Steve Lee

Javier Sanchez

Tina Scull

Josh Tarr

Kelly Thompson

Pat Weinstein

The Board is always looking for community-minded individuals who believe strongly in the mission of the Foundation and who may wish to serve as board members in the future. If you are passionate about Pybus Market and how it can improve our community, and want to be considered for a future opening on the board of directors reach out below.

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Sustaining our efforts in the long term, public
sponsorships and individual donations are crucial.

Annual Report

Read our annual report for more information on
how Pybus Foundation operates.