Street Performer Application

Busking: the practice of performing in public places, for gratuities.

Pybus Public Market would like to provide an opportunity for a variety of local musicians and performers to showcase their talents. In designated spaces around the market, we allow different entertainers to perform unplugged for the public in exchange for tips or donations. We feel this adds a rich and inviting ambiance to the market and will also be a greater opportunity for the performers to promote themselves in front of a large audience.


Management reserves the rights on all decisions regarding musicians and performers on the Pybus Market grounds.


To sign up for a time slot, use the sign up sheet that sits on top of the piano.



In order to avoid conflicting performances, please sign up for a specific 1 hour time slot.  Please keep your performance to 1 hour. NO music or piano after 9pm.

You may not actively solicit donations at the Market; however, a donation jar/hat/instrument case is permitted.

You may display and offer for sale CDs or other recordings but may not actively solicit sales.

Performances must only contain lyrics and music appropriate for all ages. Volume must be at an appropriate level for a public space.

Pybus staff and merchants reserve the right to ask you to stop if you do not adhere to these guidelines.


If you would like to plug into speakers, or use our PA or any other equipment for your performance, you will need to schedule a time approved by the Pybus Office IN ADVANCE either in our business office, or by calling (509)888-3900. Use of such is in the discretion of Pybus Market.