Labor Day is Really “Get Ready for School Day” at Pybus Market

1209039_517075381710388_2095748332_nMost people call Monday, September 2 “Labor Day.”  At Pybus Market, we call it “Get Ready for School Day” ….. as school starts in many districts the following day. So at Pybus, we’re giving parents one last chance to blow off some summer steam …. and get ready for school.  Here’s what we have going on at Pybus on Monday, “Get Ready for School Day”:
  • Sunday and Monday is registration day for Pybus Kids Century. This is an ongoing event for the months of September and October encouraging kids 6 – 14 to ride the Loop trail 10 times in 2 months. Prizes awarded for 5 loop and 10 loop riders.
  • Monday the Jiggle Bug Express will visit the Market. Rides for kids, young and old, $2.  10am – 2pm.
  • Academic ToolBox is at Pybus, presenting the theme of “Back to School and Beyond …. Ways to Make School a Success.”  10am -2pm.
  • A Confluence Health dietician will also be at Pybus, presenting to the theme of “Healthy eating for school age kids.” 10am -2pm.
  • Finally, we have a large inflatable for all ages to bounce and slide on.  9am to 3pm.
Visit Pybus Market on Monday, September 2 for a new holiday …. “Get Ready for School Day.”
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