Pybus University – D’Olivo – What’s In Your Oil?

03/05/2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Class Description:

Buckle up and join me as I take us on an in-depth look at the chemistry of olive oil. I will cover everything from the origin and history of olive oil in antiquity to the latest research from around the world on biophenols, fatty acids, tocopherols etc. Can you really cook with it? What does it actually do for your health? Can it lower your cholesterol and help prevent cancer and Alzheimer?

You will finally learn answers to all your questions.

We will introduce special guest speakers, Olga Rybakov, (ARNP) and Dr. Jum Funk, (ND)

To end the evening, we have a special treat of olive oil and balsamic ice cream for you as I go over our recent trip to Greece where we secured our supply of the worlds healthiest olive oil for you. 3-time winner of the highest oleocanthal competition in the world.

We will also be having a drawing and giving out 4 free, 200ml bottles of this high antioxidant oil to four lucky winners.

You don’t want to miss this. So come and learn, What’s in your oil!

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